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Payroll Services

If Payroll processing is a labor-intensive chore, or you have limited staff consider Carrillo Business Services, LLC., we provide efficient, reliable payroll processing at a reasonable cost, including printing or direct-depositing paychecks, local paycheck printing, managing deductions, allowances, and withholding, filing quarterly and year-end state and federal payroll tax forms and making electronic tax payments, as well as comprehensive payroll reporting to help you manage your staff and run your business efficiently.we offer No Impounding of Taxes to be use responsibly. Below is a chart to highlight where we stand out from our competitors.

ASK ABOUT our unique Contractor Payroll Module that allows you to offer Direct Deposit to your subcontractors, and produce 1099's.

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Setup Fee




Target Size

Businesses under 49 employees that want to offer employee perks

Business with over 100 employees

Another good option if you’re a growing business

Ease of Setup




Issue W2's and 1099's

Per Employee/Contractor

Extra Cost

Extra Cost

Impounding of Taxes**

No Impounded taxes, free cash flow for responsible clients

Yes, Impound Taxes

Yes, Impound Taxes

Payroll Taxes

Deposit Deposit

Employee Portal

Employer Document Manager Portal

Extra Cost

Extra Cost

Workers’ Comp (Pay as you Go)

*Prices shown are for Bi-weekly payroll of 10 employees on direct deposit.

** Clients are first set up for no impounding of taxes should there be any “Non-sufficient funds” incidents clients are automatically switched to impounding of taxes.

Payroll Features

  • Now you can offer your subcontractors Direct Deposit through our unique Contractor Payroll module also produce and e-file 1099's.($15 base fee, plus $1.99 per contractor)
  • Fax, email or enter and approve your payroll online though your employer portal.
  • Checks can be printed with your signature, no more stamps or manually signing of checks.
  • Garnishment for child support can be set up for auto deduction from employees pay & auto EFT Payment to MA & RI agencies with no additional steps, No more manual checks to mail out.
  • Not only do we offer reporting by departments but also by custom groups such as ('the clean-up crew, finish & trim guys/gals ...etc) for cost analysis.
  • Generate Workers Compensation classification report for your WC Audits.

Exclusive Offers

Summer Pays Me - GET 2 MONTHS FREE when you sign up for Payroll Services with us, offer valid 7/1/2019 to 8/31/2019. To redeem, simply email with subject “Payroll Summer”. Please include # of employees and payroll frequency to receive your free quote.

As a business owner, your focus is on your customers and your business, not on administration and paperwork…and that’s as it should be. Call or email us for a free quote TODAY!